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19. Januar 2022

Research fellowship: Exploiting Earth observation for climate research

New internal position within the ESA Climate Office

A new two-year internal research fellow position is available within the ESA Climate Office, based in the United Kingdom at ESA’s ECSAT facility in Harwell. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to contribute and support the activities of the ESA Climate Office and cooperate with relevant scientific projects under ESA's Climate Change Initiative through one or more of the following:

  • use of satellite-based observations in addressing key climate science questions. Any potential research project should include more than one (European and/or worldwide) satellite-derived variable (e.g., fire and biomass, land surface temperature and land cover, and ocean colour and salinity).
  • development of improved climate data records from satellite data, and/or improved methods of uncertainty characterisation, including the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve or analyse satellite climate data records.
  • investigations into the physical consistency between different satellite-derived climate data records (e.g., aerosol and cloud properties), and the impact of inconsistencies in the data on applications.
  • quality assessment and validation of satellite-based datasets for climate science.
  • improving public understanding of climate science (e.g., by developing and promoting GCOS Climate Indicators), developing educational and outreach resources, and raising awareness of ESA's climate activities.

The deadline for applications is 14 February 2022.

For further details of the role, competency requirements, eligibility and how to apply visit the role description can be found at the ESA jobs pages.