9 avril 2024

New tender: Tipping elements activity

Latest tender issued as part to the ESA CLIMATE-SPACE programme

A new tender opportunity to explore the use of remote sensing data to address key research questions relating to tipping elements – their risk, underlying processes, interactions, and impacts – has been recently released by ESA.

Tipping points and abrupt changes in the climate system have been identified as an increasing risk with higher levels of global warming. World leaders recognised the need to better understand tipping points and their impacts during COP27 within the Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan. The topic is also proposed as a candidate Special Report as part of IPPC’s 7th assessment cycle.

This tender is the latest procurement issued as part of the ESA CLIMATE-SPACE programme, which aims to extend and expand the work supported over the last decade by ESA’s Climate Change Initiative and to respond to new requirements for Earth Observation to support the UNFCCC Paris Agreement.

The objective of the tender titled: ESA CLIMATE SPACE Tipping Elements activity, is to strengthen the levels of confidence in our understanding of the risk of tipping elements and abrupt changes by harnessing climate data records, including those generated within the framework of the ESA Climate Change Initiative.

Several projects will be funded covering two broad streams. The first stream focusses on regional process-based studies which, in collaboration with modelling groups, will assess the driving mechanisms, interactions and estimated proximity and impacts of tipping elements. The second stream will develop capability to detect and interpret early warning signals for biophysical tipping elements by bringing together Earth Observation algorithm developers, ecologists and climate scientists.

For this Invitation to Tender, the Agency has defined an overall maximum budget of 5,000,000 EUR.

The closing date for proposal submission has been extended to 31/05/2024, 13:00 CET

For further information relating to the CLIMATE-SPACE: TIPPING ELEMENTS ACTIVITY (Tender Action Number: 1-12183 — Activity Number: 1000039862) visit ESA's online System for Tendering And Registration.