Soil Moisture Workshop

19 février 2024

7th Satellite Soil Moisture Validation and Application Workshop date announced

4-6 June 2024 in East Lansing, Michigan

The 7th edition of the Satellite Soil Moisture Validation and Application Workshop has been announced to take place in East Lansing, Michigan, between the 4th and 6th of June. The event will be hosted by the Michigan State University.

This year's is the most recent in a series of workshops that aim to bring together the satellite soil moisture data producers and users communities. The workshop has seen a major participation of ESA CCI Soil Moisture - you can check out our solicited contribution to the 6th edition. This year, the team is contributing to the organization and is looking forward to seeing you join the workshop!

For the second year in a row, a Quality Assurance for Soil Moisture (QA4SM) workshop will be held in the framework of the event, providing insights into validation tools for satellite soil moisture products. Keep an eye on the QA4SM home page for the schedule announcement and information on how to take part.

For more details check out the link below: